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Long X Bridge Construction Update

Long X Bridge Project Updates through 1/13/20

? Phase 1 dirt work has been completed, Phase 2 dirt work is approximately halfway completed and will resume in
March 2020 come the spring thaw.
? Drilled Shafts have been poured; Abutment 1 will be formed and poured over the drilled shafts in the spring.
? Road Widening and Shoofly where the Wildlife crossing is to be constructed have been paved; construction of the
Wildlife Crossing will also begin in March 2020.
? All structural H-Pile for the Long X Bridge have been driven/installed; H-Pile for support of the Wildlife crossing will
begin in March 2020.
? Long X Bridge span 5 girders have been set; span 4 girders have been stockpiled on site, spans 1-4 will be set in the
spring of 2020.
? Work for winter is slowing down and wrapping up for the season. Work will recommence approximately March 1,
2020, depending on temperatures and snowfall.
? The complete bridge deck will be poured after girders for spans 1-4 have been set in the spring of 2020.
? The Long X Bridge will be completed and open to traffic winter 2020.
? Existing bridge will be demolished prior to June 2021.

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In Watford I got to go to my first National Park. I made some friends and we went to the badlands and saw things we never heard of before like jackrabbits and mule deer. In my opinion Watford is the best city ever!

~ Justice C Staton-Grade 5

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