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Online hospitality training series

Did you know that Visit Watford City and McKenzie County Tourism offer an online Hospitality Training series? This five-part series of training videos are designed for both hospitality industry professionals and employees that interact with the general public. It is also a great tool for any employee or resident that is new to the area. The five episodes will give you a better understanding of the attractions in and around Watford City, along with educating you on all the online tools available. Through this course, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of our culture, attractions and how to use the hospitality tools effectively. This added knowledge will lift up the employee's customer service by now being able to answer "What is there to do?".

Upon completion of the training, individuals will receive a button, a canvas bag, a Watford City pen, a small notebook, and $20 in Chamber Bucks (money you can spend only at stores in Watford City). To receive these incentives, make sure to complete the simple quiz at the end of each video. Once all the quizzes are completed, you can stop by the Long X Visitor Center at 100 2nd Ave SW to pick up your items.

Click here to start the Online Hospitality Training series and get your prizes today!

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We are currently 4th generation ranchers here. It's a fun lifestyle for all of us. We know this is a growing place and my children will have more opportunities because of all that has happened here.

~ Calli Thorne

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