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Watford's new dog park a special treat
by Steve Kirch
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When the oil boom hit Watford City, workers didn't just bring their families - they also brought their pets, and now those furry critters have their own playground thanks to a very generous donation.
Watford City resident and businessman, Robin Greenhagen, isn't Santa Claus, but to pet lovers in Watford City he might as well be. He made their wish finally come true.
"I have been here over 20 years, and there has always been a need here for a dog park. We never had the land available for it. The money to buy the land," said Robin Arndt, Supervisor for Watford City Park District.
Greenhagen donated eight acres of his own land to the parks department, so people would have a place to let their pets roam free without a leash.
"There is just so many people that live here in an RV or some type of temporarily housing, and they have a dog or pet, but they didn't have any place for him to get out and play," said Greenhagen.
Watford City resident, Kris Vogel said, "We live in an apartment so this is perfect".
The park has three huge fenced in play areas for small and large dogs to stretch their legs in and benches for owners to rest theirs.
"$55,000 to $60, 000 is what it ended up costing us," said Arndt.
The park is also named after a very special man who loved pets and passed away about two years ago..
"Doc Nelson, he was a local veterinarian. He had been the vet here for. . . . I don't know how many years . . .  as long as I have been here," said Arndt.
The one thing people love about the new park is the amount of the space the dogs have to run in, but the pond that was designed for it is a treat of its own.
"We designed the pond to be shaped like a dog bone, said Greenhagen
Watford City resident, Amber Cowan said that she has been to the park almost every single day since it opened.
"I love it".
The park has been opened about a month, and so far everyone is enjoying it.
The Watford City Park District hopes to hold events at the park next year and add some shaded areas for people in the Summertime.

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